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​​​​In 2012, Hubspot established its first international office and Europe, Middle East and

Africa headquarters in Dublin. In March 2016, the company appointed Sonica, a Dublin-based commercial fit out company, to manage the complete fit out of the office, working collaboratively with HubSpot’s international design team.

The project was broken into two major phases, with the first being to design and build a brand-new floor for the growing team of 90 people with space for a total team of 160 employees in the product and engineering department. This space references the local environment in Dublin through splashes of familiarity, while individualizing the space to match the needs of the teams. 

Three key deliverables were identified: First, to forge a conference and event center to be used by #DubSpotters for everything from internal all-hands meetings to hosting external industry events with industry guests and partners. Second, to accommodate an additional headcount of 120 staff on the new floor plate. Third, to create a dedicated corporate reception to receive guests to the EMEA headquarters.

The space is unmistakably Hubspot’s, but with the local teams putting their unique stamp on the space and making it #Dubspot.

Fit out: Sonica​

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