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The American Marketing Association (AMA) is one of the largest marketing associations in the world, with over 30,000 members who work, teach and study in the field. By becoming a member, you gain access to a vast body of marketing knowledge, high-quality training programs, the latest tools and tactics, exposure to leading-edge thinking, and opportunities to interact with marketing peers around the world.  Learn more about all the benefits of being an AMA member, explore our Online Guide to AMA Membership Benefits.

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The AMA offers multiple types of memberships:

For all working individuals in the field of marketing

Young Professionals
For individuals who graduated less than 3 years from undergraduate study

Doctoral Students
For individuals currently enrolled in a doctoral program. Limited to 5 years.

College Students
For undergraduate students not currently in a full time professional position. Limited to 5 years.​

Group Membership
A discounted rate for groups of 4 or more individuals from the same organization who reside in United States or Canada.

International Membership
For individuals who reside outside of the United States. Dues are based on a global tiered World Bank "fair pricing" policy for every country around the world

Multi-Year Membership
Available for professional members who wish to join for multiple years at a discounted rate 

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