2019 Website Transition

What’s happening?

We’re launching a new AMA.org that better provides you access to the content and exclusive benefits you expect from the AMA. To make this happen, some sections of AMA.org will not be available from February 1-11, 2019.


What’s affected by the outage?

From February 1-11, 2019, you will be unable to make any purchases through the website. This includes events, training sessions, bootcamps, membership and PCM® exams. You will also not be able to make any changes to your profile during the outage. All other AMA.org content will be available during this time.

What if I need to make a purchase?

If you can make it before January 31, that would be the best option. Otherwise, to make an online purchase, you’ll have to wait until the outage is over. You can also contact the AMA Support Center at info@ama.org or 800-AMA-1150. 

Why the outage?

As a marketer, you know switching systems and moving data is always a tricky task. To better serve you in the long run, we’re making big back-end changes now. For that process to go smoothly, we need to limit access to some AMA.org features from February 1-11, 2019.

Anything else I should know?

Yes. You’ll receive an email from the AMA around February 11 asking you to reset your AMA.org password. Please complete the process and update your profile on the new website.

Will there be other changes happening at the same time?

When the new site releases on February 11, we will also be introducing our new simplified membership. All professional marketers, including practitioners and academics, can join for a single price of $300/year. This includes access to a local AMA professional chapter or an academic special interest group (SIG) at no additional cost. Also, we’re eliminating the $30 application and reactivation fees.

Student membership will still be available for undergraduate college students at a reduced cost of $50/year plus any local collegiate chapter dues.

Still have questions?

We're here to help. Contact the AMA Support Center at info@ama.org or 800-AMA-1150.

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